Power Reports for Win-EZ is a plugin for Win-EZ Manager and Reward Blaster that replaces the stock report engine.

The current release of Power Reports includes the following features:

Three layer report structure: Almost every report is built on our Three Layer concept.

  • Report Data Source: This layer is the backbone of the system, does all the work of getting data into the correct format, doing additional calculations, and filtering data based on report settings.
  • Report Layouts: This layer controls where things are placed on the screen or page. It also controls sorting and grouping of items in a report, grid, or chart.
  • Report Styles: The final layer controls the look of a report. Things like colors, borders, and fonts are controlled from this layer. There are several report styles available from the settings tab, and more will be added as customer demands dictate.

Report Grid: All reports produce a grid that contains all of the data for that report. These grids are filtered, sorted, and grouped based on the reports settings. They can be printed or exported to a number of formats.

Multiple reports at once: You no longer have to close one report to view another. You can also adjust a report and run a second copy of it by holding down the CTL key.

Multiple sub reports: Memorized reports can actually contain an unlimited number of “sub reports”. This means that you can create a new “daily report” that contains several different reports that share a report title, header and footer.

Filter Grid: All reports can be run in a “Filter Grid”. This grid displays an unfiltered list of information about the underlying data. From this grid new reports can be generated from a single item, multiple selected items, or based on a complex filter applied to the grid.

Powerful filters: Our system allows you to filter not just the items being reported on, but the base data that the report is based on. For instance; you can create a report that displays appetizers, but only when a beer (or particular brand of beer) was on the check, and only when the check occurred during the lunch day-part, and only on Table 3 when paid with cash.

Day-Parts: Multiple day-parts can be created, and then applied to any report based on checks. Each day-part can have multiple segments so that a beer report could be built around happy hours, and a meal report could be built around breakfast, lunch, dinner, or other common segments of the day.

Flexible Report Sections: Since we have so many new reports in Power Reports, finding the ones you need on a daily basis can be a challenge. With “User Defined Sections”, you can add your own section to the list of reports, and then drag a copy of any report to your section. You can also add custom reports to any existing section, so that you don’t have to lump all reports into “memorized reports”.

Custom report header: A custom logo can be applied to all reports.  Additionally a custom header / footer can be created for a client that want’s something above and beyond what’s available. These custom “wrappers” can include a company graphic banner, or other custom information. Contact your dealer for more information.

Import and export report definitions: Report definitions (the information used to create a report, including title, data used, and filters) can be exported and imported, making it easier to create reports at a corporate or dealer office, and for moving custom or memorized reports between locations.

Robust report export options: Reports can be exported into a large range of formats, with very fine grained controls. These include PDF, Excel (including 2007/2010 XLSX format), HTML, CSV, Text, Rich Text (Word /Wordpad / Open Office), along with 7 different image formats.

Report groups: Report Groups are a set of reports or exports that are run simultaneously, but not embedded into the same report. They can be emailed or exported as well.

Auto Report Group creation: Report Groups can be scheduled so that they are printed, emailed, or exported an a set daily schedule without the need to start Win-EZ Manager.

External Reports: Power Reports has the ability to link out to reports in the Win-EZ Manager report system. This allows you to use custom reports that may have been written for you by HDS, further leveraging your investment in Win-EZ.

Email reports: Reports can be emailed directly from the report viewer using our email engine (meaning there is no setup of email servers or software required).

Export engine: Built on top of our data layer, this engine is used to create exports instead of reports. This allows exporting data to custom file formats to be used in external systems such as inventory, payroll, or accounting systems.

Custom Dashboard: This replacement for Win-EZ Manager’s “Real Time Stats”, brings the power of Power Reports to up to the second statistics, and is included in Power Reports.

Comparison Reports: These reports allow comparing multiple weeks, years, months, quarters, etc to each other, and are available for most report types.

Drill down: Many reports provide drill down feature so that less detailed reports can provide a link into the detailed data that they were built from. This detail is provided as in the form of a new report.



The following features are planned, or currently being implemented:

Report charts: Charts are created and grouped for every report created, with various options for chart types.

Open Checks / Employees on the clock: These items can be added to “today’s” reports to give more accurate “up to the minute” reporting.


*Special report types: We also have several special report types that are planned for the final release. These include:

  • Full chart reports: This is a category of reports that are represented entirely in charts, and are particularly useful for monthly or yearly reports where a large number of data points is represented.
  • Forecasting reports: These are special reports that use a definable forecasting algorithm to forecast sales related data based on historical information available in the system.
  • Top n /Bottom n: These reports provide top and bottom performers in key areas.
  • Tip Pool report: A customizable report that processes complex “tip pool” rules based on when employees clock in and out.
  • PLU Quantifier report: A report that allows items to be based on multiple PLUs with a definable quantity per PLU. A kind of mini inventory, or key item count report.
  • Beverage count: A custom report that calculates liquor pours based on modifiers.